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Jack Nitzsche - Producers
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The Complete Al Hazan Story
Terry Day - That's All I Want

  Jack Nitzsche at Spectropop presents

      Prod. by Al Hazan

      Arr. & Cond. Jack Nitzsche

                                          (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) Part 5

It's a Record
Produced by Al Hazan, arranged and conducted by Jack Nitzsche
Unless noted *
Al Anthony "The Force Of Love" / "Is It A Sin?" Downbeat 752 61
 ( Hazan ) / ( Hazan )  
Yolanda/Charmanes *1"Hootchy Cootchy Girl" / - Smash 177762
 (Hazan) /   
Terry Day"That's All I Want" / "I Waited Too Long"Columbia 42427 62
 ( Hazan ) / ( Hazan )  
Lee-Anne"Never" / - Ann 100162
 (Leyden) /   
Dora Hall "I Don't Want Your Kisses" / "Hoochi Koochi" Premere 16163
  (Hazan) / (Hazan)   
Jack Nitzsche*2"Beyond The Surf" / Lonely Surfer LP Reprise 610163
 ( Hazan ) / -   
Starr Sisters*3"All Because of You" / "Ready for a Change" UA 56963
 ( Hazan ) / (Hazan)  
Charlotte O'Hara"What About You" / - Ava 12663
 ( Chandler ) / -   
Bruce Cloud*4"I Waited" / - Era 310164
 ( Hazan ) / -   
*1 Produced by Steve Douglas
*2 Produced by Jimmy Bowen
*3 Given a release number but I've yet to see a copy.
*4 Producer unknown.
Emil O'Connor"I Wanna Be There"62
Tony Caro"The Unwritten Law62
Dora Hall"The Gold Cup" / "I Wanna Be There"63
 (Hazan) / (Hazan) 
Starr Sisters"Every Beat Of My Heart" / "Our Love"63
 (Hazan) / (Hazan) 
Surfin' The Web
On Site
Al Hazan features a lot on the Spectropop and Jack Nitzsche web sites. His friendship with Terry Melcher, as well as writing and producing his first 45, is discussed in more detail on Jack Nitzsche's site.
Terry Melcher
The parent Spectropop site has currently presented four features written by Al.
Charlotte's Debut                     Nut Rocker                     Annette Tucker                     Beau Brummels
Off Site

Very few producers pack as much information, super stories, rare photos AND great music into their web site as to be found on Al Hazan's. Worth taking an afternoon off and listen to the music on the discography page while touring the other pages.

The Complete Al Hazan Story
Thanks to:
Phil Chapman, Al Hazan and Rex Strother.
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