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Sammi Lynn - Blue Butterfly

  Jack Nitzsche at Spectropop presents

      Prod. by Ron Barrett

      Arr. & Cond. Jack Nitzsche

                                      (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) Part 5

It's a Record
Produced by Ron Barrett, arranged and conducted by Jack Nitzsche
Additional credits noted
Sammi Lynn "You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby" / "Blue Butterfly" Staccato 101
(Sue 752)
 (Goffin - King - Kreisman) / (Nitzsche - Markovich)  
Johnny Gamboa"Why Lover" / "She's Never There"Star Revue 1003 '62
 (Nitzsche - Markovich) / (Nitzsche - Christy)  
Sammi Lynn"I Could Have Loved You" / "Down On Your Knees"Sue 762 '62
 (Nitzsche) / (Nitzsche)  
Dorothy Berry"The Girl Who Stopped The Duke of Earl"
/ "I'm Determined"
Little Star 232
(BNH 1)
 (Barrett - Berry) / (Berry)  
Merry Clayton"It's In His Kiss" / "Magic Of Romance" Capitol 4984 '63
 (Rudy Clark) / (Jeff Barry)  
Ron Barrett
& The Buckskins
"Lilli" / "Louie, Louie" Magnum 715 '64
 (Barrett - Nitzsche) / (Berry)  
Surfin' The Web
Ron Barrett's name currently remains a well-kept secret but, with his Star Revue site up and growing, I hope he'll soon receive the attention his work deserves.
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Thanks to:
Angelo Alexander, Ron Barrett, Ron Barrett Jr., Phil Chapman, Hans Huss, Mark Matlock, Phil X Milstein, Mick Patrick and Clay Stabler
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